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Marble Surface
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Wooden Surface


Brian Bolen found his love of cigars and wanted to share it with others. For father's day he received a gift of whisky glasses and cigars. Together with his family, they would sit around a backyard fire and enjoy the evenings during the summer. One night he was enjoying family time and a cigar and said to his wife, Seana, this is the best gift I have ever received, for it required him to sit and relax and just enjoy the moment. His desire was to share this revelation of relaxation with everyone. That night in late September 2020 sitting around the fire with his family Smoldering Cigar was founded. His passion for cigars has only grown since that time as well as his family's passion. Smoldering Cigar is family owned and operated with special care and attention to every detail, from décor to hours of operation. This is a place where everyone is welcome as long as cigars are part of your life, weather you are an aficionado or a novice this is the place for you. Here everyone truly knows your name. Customer service is REAL here. We want everyone to feel at home, welcome and enjoy not only the cigars but the atmosphere we have created for friendship, comradery and taking the time to simply enjoy the little moments in life, especially in this time of fast paced life that most of us are living. Come in say hello, browse our cigars and accessories, sit and smoke, or just sit and talk for a moment. Take some time for yourself to just enjoy a good cigar and relax in our store. 

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